301 Voices

/performing poetry



1. Find a poem or spoken word piece you want to perform or... compose one.


2. You should practice a few times and then upload a videorecording of your poetry performance to YouTube.


3. Use the submission form or send the following info along to 301voices@gmail.com

  • the link to the YouTube video

  • your name and the names of others in the video if the video is of a group (make sure they have given permission). If your group has a title (e.g., Ms. Smith's Sixth Graders) you can provide that instead but again everyone needs to have given permission to post the video

  • the title of the poem and the author (if you have this information)

  • the theme you wish your poem to be placed under

  • the town or city where you are located


301voices: The public poetry project is an effort to promote reading and performing poetry for the fun of it. We are hoping to get 301 people performing poetry in time for April which is poetry month in Canada.


A notice will be sent to your e-mail once the poem is posted.

Videos will be deleted before the next year's poetry month cycle.



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